Do you offer alterations for my current wardrobe?

Yes, we do. Our in-house tailoring service is about 40% less than most seamstress or tailor shops. We come to your office or home, pin your garments to your fit and style preferences, and within 7-14 days, we deliver your garment back to you.

This service is currently for members only.


What should i expect to spend on my first shopping trip?

Our average shopping trip spend ranges from $800.00 - $1,500.00 per shopping trip. This budget is discussed during your initial meeting and/or closet evaluation.


Can i purchase more shopping hours after my first 4?

Why, yes you can. Style by JM personal wardrobe membership(s) receive a 35% discount on all style service and in-house products. We offer 1, 3, 6, and 12 month style packages that include personal shopping hours, private master classes, grooming tip, and for our 3, 6 and 12 month memberships, a complimentary custom shirt, suit or dress shoe.



Its included in your membership! We offer up to 10 hours personal shopping and wardrobe consulting credit(s) for all new members. Once your new pieces have been purchased we take 2 of those 10 hours to work with you one on one and educate you on the fundamentals of garment upkeep and what you should be looking to pull before the days events.


Can I message you when i have style questions?

We’re available 24 hours 7 days a week for all your style questions. New members are given a direct line to their stylist and can be reach via photo call, FaceTime, text, or email.


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