Made for you


1. First fitting

Garment(s): We collect ten upper body and ten lower body for a total of twenty full body measurements. A record of all your style and suit cut preferences during this phase. Style by JM has over 900 in-house imported fabrics from Italy and England to choose from to create the perfect garment(s).

Leather good(s): Build your custom shoe, belt, or bag with our 3D tool and choose from our wide range of Italian leather goods that we have handmade and painted in Almansa, Spain.

2. Design

You are working directly with our in-house designer and menswear specialist trained to create the perfect look for you. Together, we design a one of a kind piece that compliments your character and lifestyle.

Once you have selected the material(s) needed to complete your garment or leather goods, we commission and send the order to our partners for construction.


3. Construction

Made to order suit(s), dress shirt(s), sports coat(s), and pant(s) can take up to 8 to 12 weeks to complete. Each build is subject to change on a case by case basis.

Bespoke suit(s), dress shirt(s), sports coat(s), and pant(s) can take up to 14 weeks to complete.

Made to order leather goods take up to 4 - 12 weeks to complete depending on the extremity of the build(s).

4. Second fitting & delivery

All of our garments undergo 2 - 4 fittings, depending on the construction option chosen during your first fitting. Most made to order garments are delivered unless minor adjustments are requested during this step.


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